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Trying to Stop Smoking?


"Are you a current smoker who wishes to stop smoking?

Would you be interested in being supported in your stop smoking attempt by an experienced advisor and use either e-cigarettes or the NHS stop smoking services?

Then contact us!

Sheffield  Hallam  University is  undertaking  an ethically-approved  study,  funded  by Heart  Research  UK  that will  explore  the  effects  of  e-cigarettes  on  the  arteries  and small veins in people making a stop-smoking attempt. 

All  participants  will  be  randomly  allocated  to  one  of  the  three  study  groups: 

In  one group,  participants  will  receive  free  nicotine-rich  e-cigarettes  and  refills  for  a  3-month period  as  well  as  advice on  how  to  successfully  stop  smoking. 

In  another  group, participants  will  receive  similar  advice  as  well  as  complimentary,  nicotine-free  e-cigarettes  and  refills  for  a  3-month  period. 

Finally,  one  group of  participants  will  be referred to the NHS stop smoking services and will be reimbursed by the research team for their stop smoking prescription expenses.


Participation in the study will be free and assessments will take place in Collegiate Hall in Collegiate Crescent Campus of Sheffield Hallam University.

Participants using their own transport will receive complimentary parking.

To receive more information, please contact  Dr. Gareth Jones (Telephone Number: 01142254312, or visit:”




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